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What to expect:
An initial meeting in which to get acquainted and see the space in question is necessary. We do not have standard rates as every job has its specific set of variables. It may be useful for you to provide some basic reference material such as magazine clippings etc. that might clarify your aim with regards to colours, textures, images, or simply the atmosphere that you would like us to create. This will give us something to build on. Don’t worry if you don’t have any specific ideas.

In some cases where the scope of the work is very clear, a quote can be given immediately following the initial consultation. Should there be a need for further design work and the production of samples or drawings, a small retainer would be charged in order to begin. Once the project has been established the quote will be given, 50% of which would be required as a deposit upon starting.

The commissioning of a mural, or any work of art, is an adventure. Unlike ordering from a catalogue or buying in a gallery, it is a collaboration between client and artist. Through a combination of imagination, clear communication, confidence, and trust in the creative process, not only will an original and beautiful work of art be created, but also an enriching experience to be cherished for years to come.

Artist Ron Girotto assists on Impluvium.

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